Health Benefits of Marriage for Men and Women

Health Benefits of Marriage for Men and Women

Health Benefits of Marriage for Men and Women: If you are unmarried try to marry soon because there are lots of health benefits for men and women.

In this article, we will discuss what are the benefits of marriage for men and women? Does marriage improve mental and physical health?

Your spouse saves your life on a daily basis because as per studies the married people are physically fit and strong as compared to the unmarried ones.  

There are a number of health benefits of marriage for man and woman that are as follow:

1. Marriage decrease the risk of a heart attack:

Medical research in Finland has claimed that getting married reduces the risk of a heart attack in both men and women. According to research, the risk of a heart attack in married women is reduced by 65% while in men it is reduced by 66%. A study by the University Of Turku Finland found that men and women of all ages reduce the risk of death from blood artery problems due to marriage.

2. Marriage makes you more concerned about your safety:

As per the research of Ohio State University married couples are less likely to be involved in dangerous activities such as driving fast and addiction. When people get married, the tendency for risky actions decreases significantly and this is likely due to the feelings of those who are dependent on them like wife, husband and kids. This is also the reason they take special care of their safety.

3. Marriage reduces the chances of stroke:

The chances of stroke are low in married ones. A study published in the Journal of the American Stroke Association, the risk of a life-threatening stroke in married men is 64 % lower than that of single ones. Research also revealed that having a good spouse affects the chances of stroke, meaning that if you are unhappy with your marriage, there is no significant reduction in the risk of stroke.

4. Marriage decrease stress and depression:

According to a study conducted in the University of Chicago getting married can significantly reduce the risk of stress and depression in people. The research revealed that the long-term relationships change the hormones that cause stress. Although post-marriage life is stressful but it is much easier for married people to overcome other issues in their lives.

5. Marriage helps to survive after major operations:

A good spouse can help to you to recover after major operations in life, like surgery or heart bypass. According to a study by the University of Rochester, happy couples are three times more likely to survive than 15 years after major operations. Researchers say a good relationship helps people stay healthy, but it is only when the couple is happy together.

6. Marriage helps to protect mental disorders

The mental health issues are more likely less in married people as compared to unmarried ones. According to an American study, depression is less common among married couples and the risk of developing other psychiatric disorders is significantly lower than that of single ones.

7. Marriage helps to have better sleep:

A happy married life helps to sleep better as compared to unhappy couples. If the couple happy the quality of their sleep improves. On the other hand, the unhappy couples are more likely to suffer from a sleep disorder and they are more likely to become obese and stressful, revealed in a study conducted by the

If a spouse is happy, then your sleep is better than that of unhappy couples or single people. According to a University of Pittsburgh study, if people get happy after marriage, the quality of their sleep improves, but unhappy couples are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders and diseases like obesity.

8. Married people can live long:

The significant health benefit of marriage is that happy couples live a long life. Various researches have shown that the life span of happy couples increases for many years after marriage. A study conducted by Duke University revealed that getting married in middle age or not getting married at all is related to serious health issues among both men and women. It was also revealed that the risk of death is twice high among unmarried people.

To Conclude:

So readers, these are some of the health benefits of marriage for men and women. If you are still unmarried try to marry as soon as possible to avoid the health issues and have a long and healthy life with your spouse.

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