Now Health Insurance is Mandatory For Visiting Saudi Arabia

Now Health Insurance is Mandatory For Visiting Saudi Arabia

Health insurance is mandatory before visiting Saudi Arabia on any type of visa.

If you are planning a short stay in Saudi Arabia or you are visiting a family member health insurance is now mandatory for you.

Government has informed Ministry of Hajj and the Ministry of Health affairs regarding the health insurance before going to Saudi Arabia on any kind of visa. This will be implemented within 90 days.

The high Saudi officials have approved the new verdict and as per the announcement the health insurance has been declared necessary for entering in Saudi Arabia on any type of visa.

The new law does not apply to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, diplomats and visitors for foreign missions and international organisations.

According to informed sources, the implementation of this law will be done within 90 days.

The government also informed the Ministry of Hajj and Ministry of Health that any visitor with the beneficiaries will have to do health insurance first, so that he may be treated as if fall sick during the stay in the KSA.

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