HEC Officially Bans 4 Universities

HEC Officially Bans 4 Universities

HEC Officially Bans 4 Universities. Earlier we reported you that HEC has stopped 4 universities in the multiple cities of Pakistan for accepting admissions. Students were advised not to take admission in these 4 universities as the degrees of these universities will not be recognized by the HEC. Now the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has officially banned these 4 universities across the country.

The four universities are:

  1. Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore
  2. Global Institute, Lahore
  3. Al-Khair University, Azad Jammu & Kashmir
  4. Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology (PIMSAT), Karachi

The HEC has banned the main campuses, their sub-campuses, branches or affiliated colleges for accepting admission from student at any level in any programme.

HEC said that they will not attest degrees or certificates obtained from above mentioned four universities or institutes claiming their affiliation.

HEC Review Panels, on the order of Prime Minister, visited universities in 2016 across the country for review of excellence and governance practices. But these universities were failed to deliver satisfactory report despite reminders, therefore HEC banned them and asked to stop admitting students.

The Higher Education Commission issues parent and student alerts on the regular basis in newspapers as well via social media to take admission in HEC recognized institutes.

You can also check the list of the banned universities by HEC by visiting the link hec.gov.pk/site/HEIs.

HEC is also generating the Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR). The PQR is in fact an online database including list of approved degree programmes of HEC recognized public and private sector universities including their sub campuses and affiliated as well as constituent colleges.

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