Herbal Home Remedy for Obesity, Joint Pain, Flu and Body Aches

Herbal Home Remedy for Obesity, Joint Pain,Flu and Body Aches

Hello every one today you are going to a beneficial herbal home remedy which is very much effective for getting rid of obesity, joint pain, flu and body aches. Body and  joint ache is not associated with the specific age factor. Practically everyone has likely experienced uneasiness in his or her body at some point.

It is very effective remedy. You need to have four ingredients:

  • Mustared Seeds (Mathra Achar wala)
  • Kalonji
  • Isapghol Husk
  • Green tea leaves


Now you need to grind all the ingredients finely.  You can use this herbal medicine powder a tea spoon three times a day with water. It is very much beneficial for getting rid of extra body fats. It also relieves body and joints pain. If you are a constantly facing flu its use is very effective. Moreover, the use of these ingredients is safe and secure for the body.

We hope you people will like it…stay tuned for further herbal remedies…..

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