Hike ID Allows Users to Chat Without Sharing Their Mobile Numbers

Hike ID Allows Users to Chat Without Sharing Their Mobile Numbers. To enhance the privacy and security of its users the Hike Messenger has launched Hike ID that allows the users to chat and communicate with each other without even sharing their phone numbers.

This is a unique feature by messaging app hike messenger that lets users chat on the platform without sharing their mobile numbers. Pathik Shah, Vice President, Product at Hike, said in a statement that the privacy of the users is everything for them and the introduction of Hike ID feature is the next step to make privacy even stronger by allowing easier discovery and control while connecting with others.

So to search someone on Hike Messenger to search someone with simply their “Hike ID”, with no more need to save the friend’s number before being able to send him or her a message.

The users of Hike Messenger on Android will be able to create and share their “Hike ID,” starting next week, while it will be rolled out for iOS users later.

The messaging app Hike, launched in 2012, is also planning to include a number of services like cab bookings, bus, train, movie tickets and pay bills in the first quarter of 2018.

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