Honda CG 125cc Got New Makeover in Trio Customs Garage in Islamabad

Honda CG 125cc Got New Makeover in Trio Customs Garage in Islamabad. The passion to modify vehicles in Pakistan is becoming a trend. We can see a number of vehicles running on the roads with new makeovers and modifications.

We mostly see modified cars on the roads of Pakistan but this time you will see the motorbike on the roads of Islamabad. The Trio Customs garage in Islamabad has given a tremendous makeover to Honda CG 125cc motorcycle and its look pretty cool after modification.

The team of the Trio Customs garage has recently modified the Honda CG 12CC (2013) into a 125CC Classic Cafe Racer and the results are outstanding as you can see in the below posted images.

Honda-CG-125cc-Makeover-in-Trio-Customs-Daytimes-1 Honda-CG-125cc-Makeover-in-Trio-Customs-Daytimes-2 Honda-CG-125cc-Makeover-in-Trio-Customs-Daytimes-3 Honda-CG-125cc-Makeover-in-Trio-Customs-Daytimes-4 Honda-CG-125cc-Makeover-in-Trio-Customs-Daytimes-5 Honda-CG-125cc-Makeover-in-Trio-Customs-Daytimes-6

Trio customs established in 2016 with the aim to promote the cafe racer culture in the country by four students, Usman Khan, Hassaan Khurshid, Waqar Haider Baig and Rana Saad. They have a great interest in motorcycle modifications.

Here is the original look of Honda CG 125cc motorcycle .


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