Honda Increases City and Civic Cars Price in Pakistan

Honda Increases City and Civic Cars Price in Pakistan. After Pak-Suzuki, Atlas Honda Ltd has also increased the price of its vehicles including the City and Civic variants.

Earlier we reported you that Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) has increased the price of three models of its motor bikes. Once again, the reason for the sudden prices hike in Honda cars in Pakistan is due to the devaluation of the Rupee against the Dollar.

Atlas Honda Ltd. has increased the prices of all of their line-up except the Turbo Civic and the BR-V.

Here is the complete detail of Honda City and Civic cars revised prices.

City 1.3L MT 15,49,000 15,99,000
City 1.3L PT 16,89,000 17,39,000
City 1.5L MT 15,99,000 16,59,000
City 1.5L PT 17,39,000 17,99,000
Aspire 1.5L MT 17,29,000 17,89,000
Aspire 1.5L PT 18,69,000 19,29,000
HRV 1.5 CVT 23,49,000 23,99,000
Civic Oriel 1.8L i-VTEC CVT 24,99,000 25,49,000
Accord VTi 2.4L 36,99,000 41,99,000
CR-V Base 2.4L 1,12,50,000 1,22,50,000
Civic 1.8L i-VTEC CVT 36,99,000 41,99,000

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