How Raw Garlic is Helpful in Getting Rid Dental Infections

How Raw Garlic is Helpful in Getting Rid Dental Infections

A UK based blogger, who is famous for eating 51 bananas daily, has revealed how garlic is helpful in getting rid of dental infections.

According to the report of DailyMail  Vegan blogger used to eat raw garlic if she feels dental infection and is able to treat it completely in just three days. According to her video she told she uses raw garlic with sea salt, ‘Tea Tree Oil’ (Tea Tree Oil), papaya or any other fruit and also with artificial yogurt to treat dental infection.

She first of all uses a glass of lukewarm water add few drops of tea tree oil and one spoon of sea salt in it. Mix them well and to gargle. After that she crushes two cloves of raw garlic washes them with water and chew well before swallow.

She later eats any fruit or yogurt and repeat the process daily after eating meal and in just three days she gets rid of all harmful dental infections.

She said raw garlic is very helpful in getting rid of many ailments also.

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