How to Apply For Barwaqt Loan in Pakistan?

How to Apply For Barwaqt Loan in Pakistan?

Complete details of Barwaqt loan in Pakistan: barwaqt loan scheme and how to apply for Barwaqt loan online?

Barwaqt is duly registered & licensed by The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and is powered by Seedcred Financial Services Ltd.

Barwaqt is providing fast, flexible and secure loans in Pakistan and allows the user’s multiple methods to receive the loan amount. Barwaqt loan interest rate is too minimal and there are no hidden charges. Moreover, the users’ information is safe and they use it for verification only.  

Who can get a Barwaqt loan in Pakistan?

  • All the Pakistani citizens of the age of 18 years and older.
  • Applicant must have their own Bank Account / Mobile Wallet.

How to register with a Barwaqt loan in Pakistan?

  • For getting the Barwaqt loan in Pakistan you first need to install the Barwaqt App on your mobile phone.
  • Use your mobile number and CNIC number to register with Barwaqt App.
  • Provide the personal information.

How to apply for a Barwaqt loan online?

  • Sign in to your account with the Barwaqt app for getting barwaqt loan.
  • After the verification of your account, you can get a loan.
  • Select the amount you want to borrow and the time duration for the repayment of the loan.
  • You need to wait until your application is under review.
  • You can get the loan after the Reviewed is approval.
  • You also provide the details of your Bank Account or Mobile wallet for receiving the loan in your account.

How much loan amount you can get?

  • You can choose the amount from Rs.1,500 to Rs.25,000.
  • Initially you get the low loan but if you repay on time you can apply for the higher loan.

Barwaqt loan interest rate:

  • The barwaqt loan interest rate is 0.06% but will be determined based on the credit rating.

How to return barwaqt loan?

There are three options to return barwaqt loan:

  1. Easypaisa Wallet.
  2. 1Bill.
  3. Easypaisa Token.
  • Now login to your account and select the Repayment Option from the mobile wallet.
  • Click on Pay Now.
  • The Telenor users will get the Pin prompt to pay the loan.
  • Telenor users need to enter 5 digits PIN which they will get in the pop-up message.
  • After that, you will get a pop-up message regarding the payment information.
  • On the other hand, the no-Telenor users need to use the Easypaisa Account by login in to the Easypaisa account by providing the 5 digit PIN.
  • Tap the top left corner menu and select the ‘My Approvals’ from the menu list and approve your payment!

On the other hand, if you are logged in to Easypaisa.

  • If you are logging in to your EasyPaisa Wallet, Loan Amount Can be seen where the repayment requires to be done.
  • Confirm your repayment by clicking on the Pay Now option.
  • Now make sure to confirm your payment within 1 Minute.
  • When the amount is transferred you will get the Receipt from EasyPaisa.
  • You will also get the SMS for repayment confirmation on your phone from Easypaisa.
  • Finally, you can see your Order has been settled on Barwaqt App.

How to repay the Barwaqt loan through 1Bill?

  • Use the Mobile Wallet or Internet Banking to repay the barwaqt loan.
  • Just visit the specific website.
  • Type “1BILL” in the search bar and choose 1Bill Invoice / Voucher from the results.
  • Provide your Barwaqt “Token Number” and continue.
  • Pay your loan.

Barwaqt Loan App Download Here

How to contact Barwaqt Loan?

Barwaqt loan helpline number:

The barwaqt loan helpline number is 051-111686868


For more information visit the Barwaqt official website.

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