How to Change Name on Legal Documents in Pakistan?

If you are looking for changing the name on legal documents but unable to find the process on how you can change the name on educational certificates, legal documents, marital status on NADRA cards, and much more, you are right here.

Today in this article you will find the complete details on how you can change the name on legal documents in Pakistan with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

To change the name on legal documents including educational certificates, martial documents and much more is very much easy because NADRA has devised its policy and by practicing on it you can easily change the name.

For changing names on documents you just need to follow the NADRA rules and need to submit the relevant documents along with the service charges.  

Earlier it was necessary to publish an advertisement in the newspaper and file the application in the magistrate court regarding changing the name on legal documents but thanks to NADRA policy all these things are no more required.

NADRA has devised a very simple policy for changing the name on the legal documents.

Here are the complete details of changing the name on legal documents.

For changing the name you require to fill the attested application form accurately.

You also need a stamp paper affidavit of 20rs or 50rs.

There is a need for previous Form B

You also required the biometric verification of Parents or any blood relatives.

So this is the simple procedure you can follow to change the name on legal documents in Pakistan with NDRA.

How married women can change the name on legal documents in NADRA?

To change the name after the marriage for the married women is very simple they require the husband’s original ID card and original marriage certificate.

If you don’t have the marriage certificate you can submit the document attested by oath commissioner.

If you want to change your name of Form B you can also do it by following the simple process by NADRA.

If you want to change the name of the Form B you need to apply for the name change on the new Form B, once you change the name on your legal documents. For having the new Form B with the new name you need to pay the fee as well when applying for it.

Rules and Regulations for Changing Name on Legal Documents:

  • You can request for a change of name on your Matric Certificate first (if you have done it) before you apply to change your NADRA records.
  • If the head of the family changes his name then all the family members need to change sir name on CRCs/NICOPs/CNICs.
  • For changing the name on NICOP and POC you need to require a concerned consulate general to confirm the name change.
  • If anyone wants to change the name due to religion change he/she needs the certificate by the religious institute/mufti for confirmation.
  • A divorced woman or widow can change her name to the previous one on her legal documents.
  • The addition of a surname of the caste with the name does not need any submission of documents.
  • Altering the father or mother’s name on documents needs to show their physical appearance in the NADRA’s office.

Important Note:

Once you do change on the legal documents on NARDRA papers you cannot revert back to previous name.

 For more details, you can visit NADRA official website.

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