How to Complain PTA for Fake Calls and SMS?

How to Complain PTA for Fake Calls and SMS?

PTA complaint number for fake calls and SMS.

Recently Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has launched a complaint number for fake calls. Now the mobile phone users in Pakistan can easily report fake calls and SMS to PTA by simply dialing their complaint number/helpline number to take action against these fraudulent.

PTA has warned the mobile phone users in Pakistan to be aware of hoax, falsified, and unsolicited calls and messages asking for personal details or money transfers. All the telecom operators in Pakistan always come with outstanding offers and services for their customers. All the telecom operators are providing the facility to block fake calls and SMS by dialing their services-specific codes. By subscribing to the fake calls and SMS block service you can block the hoax calls. On the other hand, you can also complain to PTA for fake calls and SMS.

Today we will talk about the PTA complaint numbers for fake calls and also how you can register online complaints to PTA.

PTA is the telecommunication regulator of Pakistan, responsible for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of telecommunication systems and the provision of telecommunication services in Pakistan. PTA has warned the people not to share their personal information to fake calls and SMS including ATM pin, code, OTP, CNIC number, Account Balance, Name and Mother name and other personal details.

If you are constantly receiving hoax, falsified, and unsolicited calls and messages you can block them by using the telecom operators’ calls and SMS block services.

With the Call and SMS block service, you can block the unwanted calls and SMS that keep on disturbing you by calling and sending non-stop messages. Everybody wants to stay away from unwanted calls and SMS and only blocking them is the only way to get rid.

Besides registering the complaint with your specific telecom operator you can also file complaints to PTA regarding hoax calls.

Below you can find the complete details on how to complain to PTA for fake calls and SMS.

You can easily block unwanted calls and sms by dialing PTA complaints number 0800-55055.

You can also Send an SMS at shortcode 9000 and in the body of the text/ message first write the spammer number then after a space paste or write the content of the message you received from a spammer. The procedure of blocking unwanted calls and SMS is mentioned there for all the telecom users in Pakistan.

PTA online complaint registration

You can also register complaints online by sending your complaints on the following address:

After opening the link above you will find the PTA complaint form where you can register your online complaints.

You can block annoying calls, robocalls, telemarketers, and scam calls and SMS on your mobile phone for free by clicking here.

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