How to do Face and Neck Massage?

Step by step guide of doing the face and neck massage easily at home.

Today wewill tell our reader some of the important and surprising benefits of doing theface and neck massage. The importance of massage for health and beauty cannotbe ignored because the people are stressing on the importance of massaging forcenturies.

Benefits of Face Massage:

There are a number of misconceptions that doing face massage you can instantly get rid the wrinkles and fine lines but the truth is that you will get rid of them with the passage of time as the messaging will help to improve the blood circulation and the wrinkles and fine lines will no more able to nourish and will fade away. Face massaging will also help to make your skin look youthful and tight.

During themassage, you can also apply the face moisturizer and massage gel on your face. Ifyou are interested in getting benefits from the face massage then repeat atleast three times.

In additionto massage, press the pressure points on the face with large fingers of your hands,and keep this pressure at least half a minute and repeat the pressure processthree times.

Don’t put too much pressure because you are dealing with the most sensitive part of your body. Therefore, deal with it softly.

How to do Face and Neck Massage?

Steps to follow for the forehead and temple massage

Fine linesusually target your forehead first therefore have few amount of massage gel andkeep middle and small fingers of both hands between your eyes.

Move yourfingers from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

Put soft pressure on your temples.

 forehead and temple massage

By doing thisthe tired and discomforting muscles of forehead will feel sooth and relax.

If you aresuffering from headache, which is due to mental stress, then you can get rid ofthis type of headache by using this procedure.

Steps to follow for the eyes and nose massage

Massagearound the eyes in the form of a circle with the third fingers of both hands.

Due to thisprocess you will get rid the small fine line around the eyes.

Start themassage with your fingers from the eye brows and move your fingers inward toinner eyes.

These places are located in the middle of the eyes, besides being located on the outskirts.

How to do Face and Neck Massage?

Keep in mindto massage with soft fingers.

Massage bothsides of your nose with both the big fingers of your hands.

Be sure tomove your fingers in the form of circle during this process.

Put pressureon specific places with your fingers on both sides of your nose.

Steps to follow for the mouth and cheeks massage

Use middleand third fingers of your hands for the massage.

The movementof these fingers should be like waves.

Start themassage with your chin and bring the fingers toward the ear.

Putlightweight pressure on specific locations below the ear, as shown in thepicture.

Now massagearound the mouth with the index finger.

It is clearthat the fingers should move from top to bottom around the mouth.

Put some pressure on the specific places on the face.

How to do Face and Neck Massage?

Neck Massage

Place thering, middle, and index fingertips of your hands where the base of yourpartner’s head meets the neck. Massage slowly by the middle of your neck.

Starting theprocess from the jaw, come to the middle of the knob, and in the same mannerfill the skin quickly and then move back to the jaw’s edge.

Move both ofyour fingers down on top of your neck.

Put pressureon the specific places in the middle of the neck and near the ears.

These locations have been identified in the picture.

How to do Face and Neck Massage?

So reader these are ways by which you can easily do the face and neck massage at home easily and have the complete relaxation.  

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