How to Make Best Use of Your Time While in Quarantine?

How to Make Best Use of Your Time While in Quarantine?

Quarantine Time: The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world and nothing seems to be in place right now. Our lives have taken a huge turn and there is no choice but to confine ourselves in our homes.

For people who have had a busy life, it is not easy to just sit and kill time. Rather we should take it as a blessing in disguise and the time we are spending indoors can be used productively as well.

I am sure there are several things that we wanted to do or planned to do but never really got a chance to complete them. So, it is about time that we should get down to all the things we wanted to do but could not for one reason or the others.

Some of you, who now have plenty of time at hand must have run out of ideas that what should they do while in Quarantine? Here are a few fun and productive activates that you must do:

Read Books or Articles                                      

It does not matter what’s your taste of books, just read. Reading is a therapy which calms your mind. Also, it is a great way to gain knowledge, spend your time productively as well as to learn. At one point or another, we all must have come across a book we plan on to read but kept procrastinating. Here is your chance to grab it, have a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy your quarantine.

Learn to Cook

Cooking is a skill that we all must have, irrespective of gender. If you have never cooked before, it is your chance to try your hands on it and let your loved ones be the judge. In case you already know how to cook, maybe it’s time that you should try cooking a new cuisine, try out some recipe or invent one of your own by experimenting with ingredients.

Organize your Cupboard

Our rooms, especially our cupboards are always a mess and we keep delaying it and rarely muster up the courage to organize it. Now that you have an ample amount of time, reset your wardrobe, hand your clothes properly, take out clothes you never plan to wear, set up your shoes and accessories. There could be no better time than this.

Redecorate your Place

Are you tired of seeing that painting over your wall? Remove it and replace with something better. It gets boring to see the same settings for years, but now it’s the right time that you should rearrange your furniture, your decor and maybe paint your walls with a new color if you can. Give a new look to your room, apartment, lounge or maybe to your balcony.

Reconnect with your Hobby

As a child or when we were a little younger than this, we all had a hobby that we enjoyed indulging ourselves in. As life moved fast, we left behind what we once loved doing. It could be painting, creating craft, DIY projects or even playing any musical instrument. Revive the good times by going back to your long-loved hobby and enjoy your quarantine.

Family Comes First

Somewhere between the races of the world, we ignored our family and the quality of family time. Staying home is giving you a chance to reconnect with your family members, be it your parents, siblings, spouse or your kids, and spend as much time together as possible. You can play games together, do fun activities and also you MUST dine together. Fill the gap, if there is any by spending quality time with your loved ones.

Learn a Skill Online

In a way, the world has stopped and there is almost no social life. The only way we are connected is through digital means. Instead of wasting time scrolling social apps, take up some online courses to further improve your skillset. ELearning, online training or short courses have proved to be beneficial for many. You must also take advantage of the time you have and take up an online training of your choice that can then benefit you in your personal life. Many institutes are offering online classes and you must not let go off this chance.

There could be many other things that you can do to make the most of your quarantine and social distancing. You might never get such a chance (Hopefully none of us ever go through this) but whatever time you have, utilize it smartly, so it goes wasted neither you regret it later.

Do what makes you happy but stay home, save lives and save the world. May we get out of this pandemic safe and sound.

Till then, happy Quarantining.

Guest Post by Aqsa Rasool

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