How to Make Stylish And Elegant Bubble Pony Tail

How to Make Stylish And Elegant Bubble Pony Tail

How to Make Stylish And Elegant Bubble Pony Tail

Pony tail, I have no idea when it started first but it is balanced in head of women for years and years. Throughout all these years hairstylist tried to change or verified the patterns again and again so it passes through an innovative period. In any fashion show with dress hairstyle of the model matters a lot and hairstylist always want it to be unique and up to the mark so for that they used to change patterns and style in a way that sometimes it seems good and sometimes hairstyle is considered mad. If hairstylist introduces any cage placed on the head of women and in that cage hairs are adjusted this type of hairstyle is never ever accepted by the viewers but bubble pony tail is full of chic and elegance..

It’s so easy to create. For that you need:

  • Elastic bands
  • Straightener (if u have curly hairs )
  • Hairspray (it’s not necessary)

Firstly start with a press iron for curly hairs than its necessary but silky long hair don’t go for straightening your hairs but if you do your bubble pony will have a perfect look as it gives very sharp and pointed ending as well as adjusted and straight hairs too. But before straightening your hairs try to use aloe Vera on your hairs with little bit of water due to this your hairs will not be damaged and they will remain straight until you take bath .So try to follow this tip.

Once you are done with it now try to have your elastic and gather your hair and pull it back into a low pony tail. Try to maintain a distance of 2 inches between elastics and continue placing these elastic down the length of your ponytail stretch out from both end of your elastic of small ponytail until it emerges.  Repeat this until you are done at the end.

Then you have to spray hairspray on your hairs so that your bubble pony looked fine. Hairspray is not necessary it’s just for your personal satisfaction that your hairs will stay in this position and don’t disturb your look.


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