How to Register Complaints about Blackmailing and Cyber Crime to FIA Pakistan?

All About Registering Complaints about Blackmailing and Cyber Crime to FIA Pakistan.

How to Register Complaints about Blackmailing and Cyber Crime to FIA Pakistan? The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) cyber crime has arrested a number of people involving in blackmailing and cyber crime in Pakistan. Blackmailing online terrorism, blasphemy on social media and other cyber crimes are on rise in our society and it’s our duty to report such crimes and be the responsible citizens.

To complain about blackmailing and cyber crime is now very easy for the people as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has made it very easy to access for the people who are butt of such crimes. Now FIA made the life easier and started the online filing complain procedure to take severe action against culprits.

Primarily to deal with technology based crimes in Pakistan the National Response Center for Cyber Crime (NR3C), is the latest introduction to mandate of the FIA.

If you are the victim of blackmailing and cyber crime and the hacker is demanding money or anything else in return of your private data, does not hand over the money.

Now you no more need to worry about these culprits, feel free because FIA is there to hear your plea, just get a complaint registered with FIA’s cyber crime division from your home.

How to register complaints to FIA?

In case of cyber harassment or blackmailing, you can register you report to Federal Investigation Agency’s National Response Centre for Cybercrime.

Furthermore, you need to provide them your details, as the NR3C doesn’t accept anonymous reports for obvious reasons.

You just write your application (in English or in Urdu), explain your complete problem, give as much evidences, information as you are able to and forward. You can send your complain at the given address,

Project Director

National Response Center for Cyber Crimes

FIA Head Quarter, G-9/4, Islamabad

You can also file you complain at the following addresses:


Fax: # 051-9106383

If you file your complaint via email you will get a response within 24 hours however it may take 7 days in case of fax.

After FIA response you will be given a tracking number of your complaint, with what you may check the status of your complaint latter on.

FIA only respond your complaints if you email of fax them.

You can also submit your complain at

Feel free to contact and call FIA Nr3C offices for consultation at the given numbers below:

Help Desk


Tel: # 051-9106384

Cell: # 0336-6006060

Fax: # 051-9106383

Fax: 051-9266435

For more information you can visit the official website of FIA.


It is also important to mention here that the threatening calls do not come under the mandate of Nr3c. in order to tackle this issue; you need to file a complaint to your nearest police station.

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