How to register for Corona Relief Tiger Force in Pakistan?

The registration of the Corona relief tiger force in Pakistan has been started and the interested candidates can register themselves on the Pakistan citizen portal.   

The registration for the Prime Minister’s corona relief tiger force volunteer’s programme started and this force will help the government to reach out to the farfetched areas where the poor population is waiting for the help.

This tiger force which will comprise the young ones will distribute the food and other relief packages among the poor across the country. PM Imran Khan has declared the economic Rs200 billion relief package last week for the poor and laborers.

In Pakistan, approximately the ¼ population is spending their lives below the poverty level and therefore it is essential to take care of them in this lockdown situation so they can stay home and have the livelihoods at their homes.  PM also initiated to pay them Rs.3,000 each in this difficult time to serve them.

Who will be eligible to participate?

The people over the age of 18 are eligible to participate through Pakistan the Citizens Portal.

What will be the function of tigerforce in Pakistan?

The CoronaRelief Tigers force is part of Centre’s response to fight the COVID-19 battle.

The candidatesof the tiger force will work the district administrations and the NationalDisaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Thecandidates will be assigned responsibilities on a daily basis.

The volunteerswill also monitor suspected cases at quarantine centers.

They will behelping in distributing the ration bags and help at the quarantine centres andhospitals and arrange funerals.

How to get the tiger force Pakistanregistration form?

All the candidates will apply for the corona relief tiger force can get themselves register through Pakistan Citizens Portal where the tiger force Pakistan registration form will be available starting from 31st March 2020.

Required documents:

interested candidates who will be the part of the PM corona relief tiger force need to submit the form by providing the name, address, phone number, age, union council number and district number, etc.

So if you want to be the part of the Corona relief tiger force in Pakistan install the Pakistan citizen portal app in your mobile phone, provide all your information accurately and be the part of it.

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