Huawei Pakistan Launches Online 5G and AI Training Facilities

Huawei Pakistan Launches Online 5G and AI Training Facilities

Huawei Pakistan launched Online 5G and AI training to facilitate HEI’s and ICT academies. The disruptions to traditional education caused by the pandemic hold the capacity to further widen learning gaps between different regions and countries, alongside aggravating the digital divide.

To address this problem, distance-learning has proven to be a leading effective measure.

To facilitate contactless education that is accessible to both educators and students of Higher Educational Institutes and ICT academies, Huawei Pakistan initiated a series of online training and exam programs.These programs provide high-quality resources on an open platform, enabling the instructors to learn about the latest developments in emerging technologies. Huawei is willing to consistently share its online learning experiences with universities and other educational organizations. The company promises to increase investment, enhance digital resource construction, and promote education digitalization to ensure constant accessibility to high-quality education.

Intelligentization has become a benchmark of countries’ competitiveness, and a digital society is emerging in it’s truest sense. 5G, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are core ICT technologies that support this new “smart” industrial revolution. By 2025, there will be 4 billion new internet users, 8 billion smartphones in use, and 100 billion general connections. Nearly all organizations agree that digital talent is increasingly more important and that they are noticingthe digital talent gap. Huawei, being the pioneer of 5G technology, and leading in other emerging technologies, aims to bridge this talent gap by transferring large quantities of knowledge.

Huawei launched the Train the Trainers (TTT) program for HCIA-AI, to enhance the capabilities of instructors in Pakistan in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The program covers both lab work and theory lectures too, within the framework of a Huawei associate-level course. 45 instructors from 15 HEI’s participated in the training, including senior professors from the top universities in the country. A remote certification exam was organized for the instructors with a 90% passing rate. The Huawei Certified Academic Instructor (HCAI) exams will also be arranged for the trainers.

“I found this training to be very enlightening, and a great learning experience. I nominated the other faculty members of our department to enhance their skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I appreciate the efforts of Huawei Pakistan and would suggest to further keep on conducting such trainings, as it will help us to provide quality online education and train our teachers on the latest industrial trends,” remarked Prof. Dr. Laiq Hasan, Chairman of the Department of Computer Systems Engineering, UET Peshawar.

In continuation of the AI trainings, Huawei Pakistan is organizing the Train the Trainers (TTT) program for HCIP-AI, which is a professional level of certification.

Similarly, a Train the Trainers program to disperse knowledge on Huawei 5G technologies was also arranged, as part of the Learn On program, with 30 instructors and researchers from more than 10 universities participating.

Huawei Pakistan remains committed to further decreasing the digital divide by reaching out to more instructors and researchers, in order to cover the advanced technical fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT) Huawei launched Facebook page: ”HuaweiTechPk“ to get more information regarding these programes.

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