India to Issue Easy Business Visas for Pakistanis

India to Issue Easy Business Visas for Pakistanis

Beside the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India, the Indian government has decided to offer Business Visas to Pakistani businessmen.

The ongoing tension has not caused the bilateral ties between the countries, as per report of Sputnik international Indian government has declared to issue multiple-entry visa to Pakistani businessmen.

Only those Pakistani businessmen with proven credentials will be able to get visas.

The Indian State Minister for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju informed the Parliament on Wednesday that the Pakistani national will get up to three years multiple-entry business visa. Only those Pakistanis with assured financial standing and credentials with visits limited to maximum 15 places in India apart from restricted and forbidden areas.

On the other hand the Businessmen of the SAARC countries who are entitled for a multiple-entry business visa for more than 3 years will be issued with a special ‘India Business Card’.

The Indian State Minister for Home Affairs further said that there is no disapproval to the criteria/rule for issuing the business visa and India Business Card to businessmen from Pakistan.

The ‘India Business Card’ has a special logo is only issues to highly renowned businessmen.

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