Indus Motor Company Launches Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018

Indus Motor Company Launches Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018. Indus Motor Company (IMC) has launched the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 in an event attended by the dealers and limited press members.

There is a great chance that the Indus Motor Company (IMC) has directly imported Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 for from Japan since the car is not launched in Thailand yet.

It is important to mention it here since Toyota Pakistan has signed with Toyota Thailand. But if IMC launched Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 in Pakistan is all Japanese then it will be only available with a hybrid engine since there is no regular gasoline-powered (non-hybrid) Camry in Japan.

If this Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 belongs to Japanese domestic market (JDM), it will probably come with a 2487cc engine.

The rumored prices for the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 variants are as follows:

  1. Camry Hybrid (premium grade): Rs. 8,499,000/- ex factory
  2. Camry Hybrid (base grade): Rs. 8,299,000/- ex factory

Available Colors

It is expected that the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 will available having Silver metallic, Platinum Pearl white, Dark Blue, Attitude Black, Steel Blonde and    Emotional Red color options.

Toyota-Camry-Hybrid-2018-Daytimes-2 Toyota-Camry-Hybrid-2018-Daytimes-3 Toyota-Camry-Hybrid-2018-Daytimes-4 Toyota-Camry-Hybrid-2018-Daytimes-1

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