Infinix Launches Hot 7 And Can Be Yours In Just Rs.14,999

Infinix is boosting up its HOT series yet again with a marvel; HOT 7, which encompasses the legacy of the previous versions. Infinix, known for its reputation of producing high performing devices at relatively low prices, proves again that it is second to none.

HOT 7, an upgraded smartphone designed specifically for optimized performance, has set entertainment as the brand tone for the HOT series, boasting a 6.2’ large-screen, a large battery with a power of 4000 mAh and Dirac mode speakers. After successfully climbing up the board to become a hot choice for customer at online portals, HOT 7 is now available for sale in the traditional markets at a price of PKR/- 14,999. It is worth mentioning that it became an instant hit in the markets in just 5 minutes of launch with 5000 units sold.

The HOT series is a strategic productline for the Infinix brand. Infinix has invested tremendously to continuouslybreak through the boundaries of technology, enabling consumers to fullyappreciate the latest tech. HOT 7 has a 6.2″ HD + notch display to makeyour image viewing and video experience even more surreal.  With a notch screen display taking yourbreath away, you’ll be completely immersed in a powerful entertainment experience.

Large screen also means higher powerconsumption. The HOT 7 is equipped with a 4000mAh battery which provides uninterruptedentertainment on a single charge. This eases the worry of charging ports or theneed to have a power bank with you.

Every wonderful moment is worth beingrecorded. Quality images has always been considered a highlight of Infinixphones. The HOT 7 features a 13MP AF Camera with dual flashlightthat captures more picture details.With a large aperture of f/1.8, it shows a clear and a high-quality shootingeffect. In addition, the 3D DIRAC audio technology that has been well receivedby consumers in our previous generation HOT 6, has been extended in the HOT7.It provides a full sound that is all rounded and suitable for both indoor andoutdoor listening without the need for earphones. It adds wonderful color toyour audiovisual feast.

Smartphones carry too much privacy and important data in the digital ageand it is especially important to use a more secure and convenient encryption mode. Infinix has always been designed to provide users with complete security services. This feature has also been implemented in HOT 7, with both via fingerprint and facial recognition unlocking within 0.5 seconds, your privacy and data are secure.

Known for stylish designs, Infinix introduces Hot 7 in four color schemes: Midnight Black, Champagne Goldand the first gradient design – Cosmic Purple, InfinixHOT 7 isa top choice for a powerful entertainment experience. 

Infinix HOT 7 Specifications:
Network: 3G/2G
OS Version: AndroidTM 8.1 /AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition)
Display: 6.2″HD+ notch
Processor: MT 6580 P
Dimensions: 155.4*75.9*8.4mm 
ROM + RAM: 16GB + 1GB
Battery: 4000mAh
Back camera: 13MP AF Camera WITH Dual FLASHLIGHT

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