Infinix S5 PRO 40MP Pop-up Selfie Camera- the Phone for a Fashionista

Infinix S5 PRO 40MP Pop-up Selfie Camera- the Phone for a Fashionista

Infinix has recently unveiled a new device, the Infinix S5 Pro, and it truly is an impressive piece of kit. Infinix’s latest outing is really something you sit and take notice of, not just because of the power-packed features, but also because of its futuristic and luxurious design.

The phone’s full-HD+ notch-less display provides a great amount of detail, packed with 128 GB Storage, 48MP triple rear camera, and the 40 MP Pop-up selfie camera. To be available in three beautiful colors, Forest Green, Sea Blue, and Violet, the list goes on and on, but what caught our eye were those camera features at such a competitive price.

As of now, we are convinced that we’re living in a big moment of change in photography. That is not just because the smartphone is now equipped with features and possibilities no one could have deemed possible, but also due to the smartphone in their pocket is a potential photographer. Not that it is a bad thing, but it might make you feel left out.

But with Infinix S5 Pro’s incredible camera features and attractive price range- you can also share your photography on your social media platforms and jump on the bandwagon.

Infinix S5 PRO 40MP Pop-up Selfie Camera- the Phone for a Fashionista

Where social media platforms such as Instagram redirect vast amounts of traffic on its fashion related posts, you feel like you need a professional camera to attain that quality in your pictures as well. With Infinix S5 Pro’s powerful AI 48MP triple back camera, you can make every image crisp and high-quality. So, photography and fashion enthusiasts, rejoice!

The phone that will let you make a fashion statement- and also perfectly capture all your fashion statements is finally here.

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