Iqrar-ul-Hassan Got Married Second Time Created Furor On The Internet

Iqrar-ul-Hassan Got Married Second Time Created Furor On The Internet. The famous anchor Iqrar-ul-Hassan is now married second time with a news anchor Farah Yousaf . He shared a picture of his both wives and son on social media website Twitter and exposed the secret of his second marriage.

Now days he is on a foreign trip with his family including both wives and son.  Iqrar-ul-Hassan got married second time with news anchor Farah Yousaf with the consent of his first wife Qurat-ul-Ain.

On the trip he shared pictures on his twitter account and one of his followers questioned him about Fara’s presence on this family trip.

He confirmed the news on twitter by answering to his fans.

In a tweet, he posted the pictures captioning them as, “Hiding?? You must be kidding. Here’s the answer.”

He answered his fans politely and did not hide anything from them as you can see the tweets below:

Farah Yousaf also twitted by saying Thanks to Iqrar-ul-Hassan for giving her respect.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan has also posted picture of his first and second wife sitting together.

We wish the couple many congratulations for the new journey of life.

Iqrar-and-Farah-Daytimes Iqrar-and-Farah-Daytimes-1 Iqrar-and-Farah-Daytimes-2

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