Now Enjoy Free Facebook With Jazz Super 4G

Now Enjoy Free Facebook With Jazz Super 4G

Jazz Super 4G Offering Free Facebook to its Customers. Now Enjoy Free Facebook With Jazz Super 4G. Yes, you heard the right now the Mobilink Jazz customers can enjoy Jazz free Facebook with Super 4G. Earlier, Ufone has also introduced the Free Facebook. With the Ufone Free Facebook the user can use unlimited Facebook without any data charges.

Now you don’t need to consume your MBs while use the Facebook on your Jazz SIMs.  The Jazz customers can use the Jazz free Facebook just by switching between Free and Data versions of Facebook with a single tap. All you have to do is flick the toggle at the top of your Facebook feed.

Here are the complete details on how you can use the Jazz Free Facebook with Super 4G.

Now the Jazz customers can use Facebook and other similarly useful websites for free. Simply open the Facebook application on your android phone, you will have the option to use Facebook without getting charged for data. You can also visit the Facebook website to enjoy Jazz free Facebook.

To use Jazz free Facebook you will see a toggle on the top of your application to switch between Data and Free mode.

What do you get with the Jazz Free Facebook offer?

By using the free Facebook with Jazz the customers will be able to scroll through the timeline, post a textual status update, chat, comment on a status and share a post without any data charge.

But the users won’t be able to see photos and videos or upload a picture or video. To see the photos or videos, switch to Data Mode (regular Facebook) by clicking the ‘View Photos’ button. You will be charged for data in this mode as per your package plan.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Jazz subscribers are also eligible to use Facebook for free for 30 days if they are new Facebook users.
  2. The Free Basics app is only available on mobile devices.
  3. For more information, you can visit the Jazz official website.

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