Jazz Golden Number Auction: How to Get Jazz/Warid Golden Numbers?

Jazz Golden Number Auction: How to Get Jazz/Warid Golden Numbers? Now the Jazz/Warid users have the opportunity to grab the golden numbers of their own choice. The cellular operator in Pakistan brought a unique service called as “Jazz Golden Number Auction” which let the users to be the part of auction and bid for their favourite golden number by login to www.auction.jazz.com.pk

How to Get Golden Numbers?

Bidders can simply register themselves through the online portal (mentioned above) by providing their e-mail, name, CNIC number, mobile number and define the method of payment.

Users can also use JazzCash services to pay the charges.


An entry fee for auction is Rs.1000 after the successful registration as a bidder.

After the registration the users can bid for the variety of Jazz Golden Numbers and place their bids with the highest bid entitled to win.

Users can check the auction status regularly on the portal. After inning an auction, the winner will receive a unique surprise Jazz gift box along with the Golden Number SIM card.

So what are you waiting for hurry up and be the part of Jazz Golden Number Auction to grab your favourite golden number.

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