How to Get Jazz Weekly Social Offer?

Complete details on how to avail Jazz weekly social offer, subscription code, charges, validity.

Todaywe will tell our readers about the most affordable Jazz weekly social offer inwhich the customers can enjoy 1GB of internet for Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO thewhole week in just Rs.30.

Jazzweekly social offer lets its customers to enjoy Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO andenhance their Jazz 4G experience.

Jazz weekly social offerdetails:

1000MBs of internet for Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO.

How to subscribe?

Customers can subscribe this offer by dialing *660#

How to un-subscribe?

Bundleswill not auto-subscribe and need to be subscribed again upon expiry.

How to checkremaining incentives for Jazz weekly socialoffer?

Customers can check the remaining incentives by dialing the info code *660*2# for Rs. 0.06.


7days after the subscription.



Terms and Conditions:

Overageof Rs 1/MB applies for all mobile internet bundle.

Internetoffer can be subscribed and consumed in 2G/3G/4G networks areas.

DataIncentives are only available to be consumed on Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO

Jazz+Warid users can subscribe to different bundle offers at the same time.

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