How To Keep Your ATM Credentials Safe?

How To Keep Your ATM Credentials Safe? ATM Credentials hacking is now increasing day by day in Pakistan. Do you know ATM skimming lets the hackers to hack your credentials without even knowing and hundreds of ATM card holders lost their money without their awareness and permission, causing an accumulated loss of around Rs. 100 million due to ATM card hacking cracks.

This is a serious concern ATM machines are hacked and our aim is just to inform you keep safe you ATM credentials.

What is ATM Skimming?

ATM skimming is actually a break-in of identity of users and stolen it through the use of devices known as skimmers. Skimmers are actually have inbuilt memory card readers that stores all your ATM card information from a card’s magnetic stripe.

Criminals/hackers install these devices (skimmers) directly into the machine to steal personal information right from your ATM card.

How Skimmers are used?

Hackers used skimmers along with other devices including camera and fake keypads to capture your PIN number when you enter it. Hackers install a camera on top of the ATM machine’s keypad, or they may install a fake keypad on top of the original one to steal details.

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Once your details captures they use it for making a transaction through your bank account.

How To Keep Your ATM Credentials Safe?

Now it’s a turn to keep your ATM credentials safe. There are some tips you need to follow every time you before operating the ATM.

Before inserting your ATM card check out the card slot, if the card slot is unreasonably thick (more than the card), arranged incorrectly, or there is no flashing indicator.

Look for any sort of cameras, or just holes, pointing towards ATM machine’s keypad.

Examine the keyboard and check if it is excessively thick or loose.

You can also biometric verification where it’s accessible, instead of key pin verification.

Try to hide your PIN number while inserting it because hackers do not do much of anything with your card number alone they also need PIN to move further.

Be attentive when using ATM machines not located alongside bank branches.

If any of these signs are observed, do not operate the ATM.

Last but not least keep regular check on your phone notifications for transfers, payments, or withdrawals from your account.

Instantly inform the bank authorities if case of any suspicious activity or transactions through your account.

Hope you would find these tips helpful, lets us know by commenting below…..

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