KFC Pakistan Deals: Less to pay & add Spice to life

KFC Pakistan Deals: Less to pay & add Spice to life

KFC is world’s second largest food restaurant chain of the world that always bring amazing and thrilling deals that are appetizing in taste & affordable in price.KFC Pakistan always brings exciting deals for its lover , by starting service “Order KFC online for delivery & takeaways “ it become easy for customer to have the best deal in just one click. KFC Pakistan is offering deals that price is so much affordable for every member of society.

In Pakistan it’s quite tough for An employer to afford brands, restaurants for his family, KFC Pakistan is that platform from where you can buy happiness by manage to pay for deal prices. KFC Pakistan is giving you best in less to pay. Here we are presenting those deals which are up to 500 PKR.

  • Twister _ 250 PKR  
  • Twister with drink _ 300 PKR      
  • Spicy Rice with chicken _200 PKR
  • Chicken chips _ 275 PKR
  • Chicken & Rice with Drink_260 PKR
  • Chicken Piece _ 160 PKR
  • Chicken chips with drinks _ 335 PKR  
  • Rice and spice _250 PKR
  • Zinger strips _ 300 PKR
  • Twister combo_ 400 PKR   
  • krunch Combo( fries and deal) _ 300 PKR   
  • Krunch Combo (chicken piece deal) _ 300 PKR
  • Zinger Stacker Combo_ 500PKR
  • Value Burger_230PKR
  • Krunch Burger_150PKR
  •  Zinger Burger_350PKR
  • Mighty Zinger_430PKR
  • Box Master_350PKR
  • Box Master with Drink_380PKR
  • Chicky Meal 1_325PKR
  • Chicky Meal 2_350PKR
  • Chicky Meal 3_350PKR
  • Chicky Meal4_325 PKR


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