Lahore Chamber To Make its Own Airline In Collaboration With China

Lahore Chamber To Make its Own Airline In Collaboration With China. Good news is for the business community is that Lahore Chamber to will make new airline in collaboration with China.  In this regard the Chief Meeting of the Lahore Chamber was decided to create board of directors to run the airline.

The meeting Lahore Chamber was attended by the ex-president Abdul Basit,  Senior Vice President Khawaja Khawar Rasheed, Vice President Zeshan Khalil,  other Aerospace specialists including Muhammad Basharat. In the meeting Vice President Zeshan Khalil said that the Lahore Chamber will form the Board of Directors with the mutual consent of the present and former presidents.

The proposed Board of Directors will finalize the matters of making airline. Airline will be made with the help of Tian-e-Jung. To get the civil aviation license Rs. 150 crores will be required while Rs 50 crores bank guarantee will also be required.

Executive committee members of the House Industry and Trade have declared the decision of making airlines as a happy one. Former president Abdul Basit has said that matter will be proceeded after specialists have prepared airlines’ financial and technical report.

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