Last Solar Eclipse 2018 (Suraj Grahan) to Occur Today on 11th August

All about the third and partial solar eclipse 2018 in Pakistan: Timings, Visibility and How to Watch

Last Solar Eclipse 2018 (Suraj Grahan) to Occur Today on 11th August. Last Solar eclipse 2018 is all set to occur today in Pakistan. This is the third and partial solar eclipse of the year 2018 and is all set to start at 01:02 pm PST and end at 04:21 pm PST. Over 100 minutes long, it was the longest eclipse of the century.

This is also the last solar eclipse of the year 2018 and for the next we have to wait till 2019. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun and blocking light from the Sun to the earth.

This is the third solar eclipse 2018 and of partial in nature there is no totality because the moon will only cover a portion of the sun. The moon will cover roughly 73% of the sun when the eclipse is at its peak.

The first eclipse of the year 2018 was on 15th February, second on 18th July and third is today on 11th August.

Visibility of Third Solar Eclipse:

The last and third solar eclipse 2018 (Suraj Grahan) will be visible in several countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Europe, Canada, United States, Greenland, Scandinavia, most of Siberia, and some parts of central Asia.

Timing of solar eclipse 2018:

The solar eclipse on 11th August 2018 will start at 01:02 pm PST (Pakistan Standard Time) while, it will end at 04:21 pm PST.

Duration of the partial solar eclipse 2018:

The third solar eclipse will begin at 1:02 pm at PST today on Saturday and its duration will be of nearly 3 hours.

Not Safe for Eyes:

To watch the solar eclipse (Suraj Grahan) with naked eyes is not safe. Doctors and medical experts said that it could damage the cornea of the eyes if you gaze at solar eclipse without precautionary tools.

Last Solar Eclipse 2018 (Suraj Grahan) to Occur Today on 11th August

What Special Equipment you require?

In order to watch the solar eclipse special equipment are required such as special solar glasses, darkened welder’s glasses, pinhole camera and other tools.

If you are planning to view the solar eclipse (Suraj Grahan) and want to avoid damage to cornea wear special solar glasses or use darkened welder’s glasses.

11th August

you can also make solar eclipse viewing glasses at home.

Live Streaming of Last Solar Eclipse 2018:

Despite the invisibility of the eclipse in Pakistan, viewers can observe the event through live streams of space agencies and certain observatories.

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