Everything about Newly Launched Liberty Airlines in Pakistan

Liberty Airline the newly launched domestic airline got the Regular Public Transport License (RPTL) to officially start operation in Pakistan.

Everything about Newly Launched Liberty Airlines in Pakistan. Liberty Airline is a great initiative by the Liberty Air Limited in Pakistan in order to serve the people to get the travel facilities more conveniently. Recently the Liberty Air Limited has started to operate in Pakistan with a domestic airline and now officially got the Regular Public Transport License (RPTL).  Liberty Air is among the first five airlines including Air Siyal, Afeef Zara Airways, Askari Air and Go Green that had filed for a license to officially start their operation in Pakistan this year.

Liberty Air got charter license:

The new airline has got the charter license, approved by the Prime Minister Imran Khan in a cabinet meeting.  Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary has disclosed all the information by saying that the Liberty Air is granted with the charter license in a cabinet meeting in order to officially start its services in Pakistan.

Who Owned Liberty Airlines?

Liberty Air Limited is a project owned by the Mian Amir Mahmood (head of Punjab Group of Colleges & Universities) and Chaudhary Munir. Mian Amir Mahmood also remained City Nazim of Lahore from 2001 to 2009. He also owns the largest media groups in the country, Dunya Media Group.


When Would Liberty Airline start its operation?

The Liberty Air Limited has officially launched the airlines but not declare when the airline will start its operation in the country.  The airline will initially start its operation as a chartered airline and Mr.Irfan Elahi will be its consultation head. Irfan Elahi used to be the chairmanship of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) but he resigned from his designation in March 2018. He also served as the Federal Secretary Aviation Division. Liberty Airlines will serve the people within the country by starting its domestic operation soon, however, there is no official word on the routes to be covered by this airline.

Airlines in Pakistan

Liberty Air It is purely a private airline in the country, earlier the Air Blue and Serene Air are also operating in the country as private airlines. On the other hand the Sial Air had also gotten the license two years ago but hasn’t started operations yet. The Sial Air is also private airline from Sialkot, the project of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce.

It is also important to mention here that earlier the SaudiGulf Airlines has started its operation on a Saudi-Pakistan route to serve the four major cities including Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and Peshawar.

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