Major Intel Design Flaw wills Cause PCs Vulnerable to Malware

Major Intel Design Flaw wills Cause PCs Vulnerable to Malware

Major Intel Design Flaw wills Cause PCs Vulnerable to Malware. A recent discovery has revealed that the widely used Intel Chips across the world have a design error that will make your PCs to slow or vulnerable to malware. An OS update will fix this error and will slow down your PCs and cause the flawed processors to run at an even slower rate than usual.

Biggest PC makers including Windows, Linux would have to redesign there hardware in order to cope up this error. The reports revealed that the new computers will not get that much affected with this error as the recent Intel chips have PCID. PCID is a component that deals with performance reduction. For older processors, performance reduction will be 23% while the new ones will have 17% performance reduction.

On the other hand the programmers are not able to detect the real cause of error and think that the OS update will be not enough to tackle this issue, so the only solution is a software update or get a new processor.

Beside the slow performance of computers, this flaw let the hackers to probe into your system. All the data passes by the kernel and is sheltered by it but as the OS and Intel chips are irreconcilable, this data is exposed to malware.

The only solution is you need to wait for the updates or to buy a new PC.

On the other hand this issue will not affect the AMD processors, so if you run the Ryzen chips or A-12 processors you have nothing to worry about.

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