Major Side Effects of Love Marriage

Major Side Effects of Love Marriage

Today in this article we will tell you about the major side effects of love marriage. The people who want to do love marriage are often considered deaf because they don’t want to listen to the advice of anyone and just want to be together at any cost.

When people in love, they begin to think their beloveds are unique. The conviction is joined with an incapability to feel romantic passion for anyone else. People who are truly in love incline to focus on the positive qualities of their beloved and also focus on minor events and objects that remind them of their loved ones.

They don’t want to live without each other and keep on burning with their vows and promises and if anyone tries to interfere in their life they start hating that person for the lifetime.

No doubt there are a number of advantages of love marriage as well that we can’t deny but there are some of the major side effects of love marriage that they face after having the love marriage Ladu. So let’s talk about the side effects of love marriage…

The battle of love marriage

There is always major chances of a fight between married couples and they even fight but their parents and loved one come forward to settle the matter between them. On the other hand, if the love married couple fights no one comes forward to settle down the matter between them and they have to settle their issue themselves. In many cases instead of settling down their matter and convince themselves they often decide to separate.

Breakdown of expectations

After the love marriage couple starts thinking that all their expectations from each other turn into failure. Because before marriage all try to show their positive side to allure each other but after the marriage the real faces come forward that both hide from each other.

The tongue, which was just as sweet as honey, feels bitterer than the poison of a snake and that’s the point where they realize that they don’t know each other.  

You can’t complain to anyone

Yes, you can’t complain to anyone because it’s not the marriage that is done by your parents, it’s that marriage you did after having lots of fights with your family.

At this point, you need to suppress your grief into your heart and try to settle down your matters if you want to go with each other for the rest of life.

But the great disadvantage of this is that a lot people don’t compromise that results in parting.

If you are about to do and have done love marriage your need to set aside your ego and attitude to support each other rather than shout and fight on little things because in this way only you can save your relationship.

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