A Man Gets Stuck in ATM (Really Bad Nightmare For Him)

A Man Gets Stuck in ATM (Really Bad Nightmare For Him)

Have you ever heard to trap in ATM? There is a story of a repairman who got stuck into the ATM. A repairman got stuck in ATM in an American Bank’s ATM machine in Taxis, while he was repairing.

Unfortunately there was no one to hear him and he also did not carry his mobile phone to inform the authorities.

He was not able to call anyone outside because he was stuck in ATM machine in such a way that his voice was not heard by the people outside.

He was stuck there for three hours and it was really a nightmare for that man but he did not lose hope and began to slip notes to outside bank customers through the ATM’s receipt slot, read as,

“Please help. I’m stuck in here. I don’t have my phone.”


Later on he was rescued by the authorities.

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