Man Pricked Needles in 3 year Old Girl’s Stomach to Practice Black Magic

A man in Indian state Bengal has pricked needles in kid’s stomach for practicing black magic. According to reports the 3 years old unnamed girl, from Bankura district of West Bengal, India was admitted to SSKM Hospital Kolkata, where doctors find needles in her stomach and broken arm.

The shocking X-ray picture shows clearly that the girl is pricked with seven two-inch needles in her stomach by a man using her for black magic. The mother of the girl told doctors that needles were in her stomach for the past 15 to 20 days.

x-ray reports

The girl was operated on Tuesday and doctor recovered needles from her stomach.


The 50 years old man accused the girl with the practice of black magic, employed her mother as a domestic worker. Police has arrested him on child abuse charge.

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