Martyrdom Anniversary of Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed Today

Martyrdom Anniversary of Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed Today. Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed is being remembered on his 46th martyrdom anniversary today.
Jawan Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua Shaheed was born in Dhok Pir Bakhsh in Gujar Khan on June 18, 1949. He joined Pakistan Army as a driver on September 3, 1966 at a very young age of 17. Although he was only a driver he always yearned to participate in active battle.
At the time of 1971 war (between India and Pakistan), he was attached with an old army unit known as “20 Lancers”.

While his unit was engaged in the frontline area of Zafarwal-Shakargarh, he himself never missed an opportunity of taking over a machine-gun and firing on the enemy, unmindful of any danger. It was on December 5, 1971 that while braving intense shelling and direct fire from enemy tanks and infantry, he went from trench to trench delivering ammunition to the frontline soldiers.
However, it was on December 10, 1971 while directing fire from one of the recoilless rifles, he was hit on the chest by a burst of machine-gun fire from an enemy tank and thus died in action.
Sawar Muhammad Hussain had the distinction of being the first Jawan to be awarded Nishan-e-Haider for his gallantry.

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