Massive Corruption, Nepotism put Radio Pakistan Employees Future on Stake

Massive Corruption, Nepotism put Radio Pakistan Employees Future on Stake

Massive corruption and nepotism in Radio Pakistan put its employee’s future on stake. The mega scandals of huge financial corruption and several bogus appointments have come into surface. The creditable sources have disclosed “Online” that mega corruption and misconducts cases would likely to be opened against former Director General Radio Pakistan.

Sources said that former Director General had allegedly recruited number of resources persons in Faisalabad, Karachi and other areas on heavy salaries without any justification and fear.
These persons had recruited despite of the fact that Minister of Information and broadcasting has imposed complete ban on staffing.

This negative act of former DG put extra financial burden on Radio Pakistan and department regular employees had also face heat of this. Sources said that several regulear employees those who retired were seeking their pensions and other allowances for fast many months and they had also lodged protests on this.

They revealed that former DG had issued directives of get rid of Rs. 5 million from the recovery of Rs. 2 million of Radio Pakistan petrol pump Rawat. Sources said that the monthly rent of Radio Pakistan petrol pump Rawat was Rs. 150000 but DG had limited this to Rs. 50000. This act had paid huge financial damage to the department.  Sources, said that current DG Shafqat Jalil was fully committed to conduct the special audit of this corruption and want to put the responsible for law.

When “Online” contacted to DG Shafqat Jalil he told that Rawat Petrol pump lease has restored in old shape and first decision in this regard had reserved.
“We know that currently Radio Pakistan was facing several problems and I am trying my best to solve these issues on merit’ he added.

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