Meet the World’s Smallest Phone Zanco Tiny T1

Meet the World’s Smallest Phone Zanco Tiny T1

Meet the World’s Smallest Phone Zanco Tiny T1. It’s an era of smartphone, everyone love to have them but the Zanco has launched the world’s smallest mobile phone called the Tiny T1. Its is the invention of the Bradford-born entrepreneur Shazad Talib, a specialist in making phones of tiny proportions.

The Zanco Tiny T1 has become the world’s smallest mobile phone with 0.49-inch OLED display. The Zanco Tiny T1 is fully functional, talk & text mobile phone is incredibly small. Its weight is 13g, and dimensions are just 46.7mm x 21mm x 12mm.

The Zanco Tiny T1 works with any cellular network with neon-SIM and can stores up to 300 phone book contacts, 50 SMS messages and 50 last calls in or out records.

The Zanco Tiny T1has a functional keyboard, 32RAM + 32ROM and its battery offers 3 days standby and 180 minutes talk time.

Available in black color only the Zanco Tiny T1 will sell for £39 or £30.

Features of Zanco Tiny T1


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