MG Cars in Pakistan

MG Cars in Pakistan

Are you looking for the MG cars in Pakistan? you are right here in this article you will find about the MG electrical cars that are going to be seen on the Pakistani roads, thanks to the British cum Chinese carmaker Morris Garages (MG).

As per the reports the mg cars will be available in Pakistan because the JW has set up a manufacturing plant in order to locally manufacture the electrical vehicles in the country.

It would be a joint venture of the JW group with the British car maker Morris Garages (MG) for making the electrical cars in Pakistan.

The company JW Auto Park had also inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Morris Garages for their electric cars.

Morris Garages (MG) was a British company by birth but later on powered by the Chinese firm and now it’s a Chinese car manufacturing company that is all set to start the MG electric cars manufacturing plant in Pakistan.

As per the reports the company would inaugurate the manufacturing plant for the MG electric cars in Pakistan, later this year. The inauguration ceremony would be done by the Chinese President during his visit to Pakistan, but there are no confirmed reports yet regarding this matter.  

However, we have some MG news with Javed Afirdi, CEO of Haier Pakistan, Who has posted some videos and pictures on his social media accounts with MG car. In a video, he is confirming the arrival of the MG Electric SUV in Pakistan that will soon be available for purchase.

In a video he is announcing the MG Electric SUV is available in Pakistan and the booking has started now.

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