NASA to Launch Sounding Rocket to Release Artificial Clouds

NASA to Launch Sounding Rocket to Release Artificial Clouds

It is reported that NASA is all set to launch the sounding rocket on Saturday in order to release artificial clouds.

The sounding rocket by NASA will release the red, blue and green artificial clouds. NASA plans to launch the Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket on 31st May but was unable to launch it due to poor weather as the clear skies are needed to view the blue-green and red artificial clouds.

The purpose of launching the sounding rocket is to test a new deployment system to support space studies.

According to the report of US Space Agency the launch window on Saturday from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility is 4:26 – 4:41 a.m. EDT ( 1:56-2.11 p.m India time). The total flight time of the sounding rocket will be of nearly eight minutes.  The freight will land in the Atlantic Ocean about 90 miles from Wallops Island and will not be recovered.

These artificial clouds can be witnessed from New York to North California.

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