Nayatel Internet Packages 2022

Nayatel is an excellent telecom services provider in Pakistan. Its three into-one services provider in Pakistan offers audio, video, and data that the internet, cable tv, and telephone. Nayatel with its fiber to the home (FTTH) has changed its customers into one of the most connected cities in the globe. Currently, Nayatel supplies its services to five major cities in Pakistan: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, and Faisalabad.

Being truly customer-oriented, nayatel has revised the standards of services framework and set new high examples of quality services following the customers’ hopes and demands.

Nayatel was the first one to install the first-ever broadband connection in Pakistan using a digital subscriber line (DSLR) in 2002 in Islamabad under the name of Micronet broadband. Later it was renamed Nayatel in 2006.

Nayatel is the first telecommunication company that is:

  • Online game optimization service provider in Pakistan
  • 10 GPON provider
  • The smart TV app provider
  • FTTT provider
  • 4k video-on-demand provider
  • Facebook partnership for fabrication in 8 cities of Pakistan

Here are the three services under the flag of Nayatel:

Nayatel Internet Packages 2022 in Pakistan:

Nayatel supplies speedy, reliable, and affordable internet connections to its valued customers, both residential and corporate.

1. Nayatel Residential Internet Services in Pakistan:

Nayatel Internet Packages For Home:

It provides a variety of internet packages for home with unlimited downloads ranging from 10-to 100 Mbps. The prices vary accordingly from Rs. 1,675 to Rs. 10,499 per month. You can enjoy unlimited streaming and downloading bundles for Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangout, Google Play store, and Go Store with a speed of 50Mbp.

  • The subscription charges per month are Rs. 499.
  • Residential Internet Services are currently available in five major cities in Pakistan i.e., Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, and Multan.

Check out the full list of Nayatel internet packages for home:

PackagesSpeed VolumeDownloadPrice
Unlimited 10Mbps  10MbpsUnlimitedRs. 1675
Unlimited 15Mbps  15MbpsUnlimitedRs. 2050
Unlimited 20Mbps  20MbpsUnlimitedRs. 2475
Unlimited 25Mbps  25MbpsUnlimitedRs. 2950
Unlimited 30Mbps  30MbpsUnlimitedRs. 3450
Unlimited 50Mbps  50MbpsUnlimitedRs. 5250
Unlimited 70Mbps  70MbpsUnlimitedRs. 7650
Unlimited 100Mbps  100MbpsUnlimitedRs. 10499

2. Nayatel Corporate Internet Services in Pakistan:

Nayatel Corporate Internet Packages 2022:

PackagesSpeedVolumeAdditional Usage Charges Per GBPrice
CONNECT 1024 30M30Mbps1024 GBRs.60Rs. 10700
CONNECT 1430 35M35Mbps1430 GBRs.60Rs. 14900
CONNECT 2048 35M35Mbps2048  GBRs.50Rs. 21400
CONNECT 2560 40M40Mbps2560 GBRs.60Rs. 26900
CONNECT 3072 40M40Mbps3072 GBRs.70Rs. 33600
CONNECT 3580 45M45Mbps3580 GBRs.60Rs. 37000

This package is currently available in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Peshawar.

Service charges of Nayatel Internet Packages 2022 in Pakistan: (Home and Corporate)

  • The charges can either be in full payment or installment (500/800) both for Residential and Corporate connections.
  • ONT (with Wi-Fi) coverage area of approximately 3, 000 sq. ft per single floor.
  • For Home customer Installation, charges are Rs.3,000.
  • For Corporate customers Installation charges are Rs. 6,000.
  • On paying full payment 38% will be saved as compared to installment payments.

Nayatel Point to Point Services

In today’s fast-paced networked world, where there are rapid mergers, acquisitions, modifications in technology, and the latest trends in markets, the same speed is needed in a company. To cope with such contemporary trends in the wired business world, Nayatel provides its corporate customer with high-speed and high-performance networks for their company. It makes its clients expand their offices with as dynamic networking services as they are. The optical fiber network allows customers to connect anywhere in the city with all networks and telecommunication

Lightman is NTL’s metropolitan area network via ethernet supplying two-way transmission of data signals at discrete rates of 1-1,000 Mbps. Under Lightman, corporate clients can get point-to-point or many-to-one connectivity or both with an internet connection. The service is provided with affordable, high-performance, and high-speed connections. This coherent incorporation with the local area network (LAN) across multiple locations withdraws the need to invest in other equipment and added training. This service allows its customers to get the benefits of high broadband without added expenses of telecom providers. Lightman supports all the key applications customarily run on the LAN. This is available from point-to-point to point-to-multipoint with fiber-ringed based service where operating facilities and circumstances permit. Lightman is a fast, trustworthy, and scalable solution for businesses.

The standard features of Point-to-Point Services are as follows:

  • Ideal backbone class-performance
  • No more obstruction due to WAN transport performance
  • Complete management of the local-loop circuit to the client’s business
  • Managed looped-services provision
  • 24×7 customers notification in the time of interruption of service
  • 24×7 monitoring of circuits from customers’ network operation center
  • Underway traffic inspection
  • Multiple IP addresses
  • Valued-added solutions like end router, security system, VPN, and IP sec.
  • Primary and secondary domain name service (DNS)
  • LAN supplies all the following intensive applications:
  • Simultaneous engineering or collaborative computing
  • Image processing
  • Interactive file sharing
  • E-mail
  • Internet/intranet/extranet accessibility
  • Distance learning
  • Video conference

Coverage area:

Residential Internet Services are currently available in five major cities in Pakistan i.e., Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, and Multan.

Nayatel Cable TV in Pakistan

Basic Cable: offers theatre standard audio and spectacular, matchless steadfast reliability. The customers are free to watch their favorite news channels, and sports channels and stay updated nationally and internationally. The customers are allowed to watch free-to-air channels (FTA) such as CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), BBC, Geo, ARY, PTV, etc. These are free as the charges are included in the charging bundle of ONT and connection installation. The charges for basic cable are Rs. 400.

The rates of the material along with the prices in Pakistan are as follows:

Rates of the material                  Prices

  • 1:2 RF Splitter                     Rs. 175
  • 1:3 RF Splitter                     Rs. 245
  • 1:4 RF Splitter                     Rs. 292
  • RG 6 Cable                          Rs. 20/ft
  • Joint                                    Rs. 64
  • Attenuator                          Rs. 152

Nayatel Digital Box in Pakistan (Home and Offices)

With the provision of digital boxes, Nayatel allows its customers (residential and corporate) to step into the digital world.

  • Its salient features are:
  • 100+ digital and HD channels
  • Auto and instant recording to take control of the TV schedule.
  • Parental control to keep children safe
  • Media layer i.e., play video, and music and watch pictures in full HD.

The quality of the picture is:

Basic: Its subscription is provided with Rs. 400 per month with basic channels.

Digital: It is provided with the 1st box with digital and HD channels with Rs. 350/month added charges.

HD: It provides 2nd box onwards with digital and HD channels with added charges of Rs. 175/month.

Nayatel Joy Box:

Nayatel has revolutionized the TV screens of its customers with the provision of joy boxes. It supplies VOD, HD tv channels, and much more in a quick and smooth way, and a remote mouse is added on.

Some improved and innovative features are:

  • Parent control (Tv & VOD)
  • Last watch
  • IMDB rating
  • Themes
  • Frequent watching
  • Rechargeable remote-mouse
  • Trending

Joy app:

The customers can watch all Nayatel Tv channels, and VOD on their android TVs without adding separate boxes.

NMX Branding:

Nayatel allows its esteemed customers to grow their business by advertising their brand through the most viewed family high-quality premium channels in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad at affordable prices. It helps to target the right customers to enhance their sales through cable Tv advertisements.

IPTV Solutions:

It enables cable operators to roll out IPTV services at once without the installation of STB at the customer’s end. It empowers the operators with seamless integration of Live TV HD channels, and VOD content along with the over-the-top (OTT) content and provides an unmatched customer viewing experience with or without STB installation at the customer’s end. It consists of an IPTV middleware server, 4k android set-top-boxes, HD streaming over PC and mobile devices, HD Video-on-demand server, HD, and SD video encoders, and many more.


HD content is available on digital box and joy app. It includes HD, HD1, NMX for Kids, and I-VOD.

3. Telephone

Nayatel Mobile Offers in Pakistan:

⦁       It offers 8 hours of talk time on any cellular network in Pakistan for 200/month charges.

⦁       The charges are applicable on the Phone Number not on the user ID.

⦁       The expiry day of the offer will be the last date of every month regardless of the activation date.

⦁       The offer will be renewed on the first day of every month unless it is unsubscribed.

1. Phone App:

⦁       Nayatel gives its residential customers a free new landline number via a phone app so there will be no missed calls.

2. Nayatel Phone:

It is a dedicated and reliable phone line for both home and office.

Its key features are as follows:

⦁       No line rent

⦁       Free Nayatel to Nayatel calls

⦁       3-way conferencing call

⦁       Calling Line Identification (CLI)

⦁       Call waiting, transfer, and barring

3. NGN Telephony Handbook:

Nayatel offers Next-Generation Telephone Handbook for its corporate customers to make an impact effect on business.


Nayatel enables its customers to enjoy clear voice quality with the ISDN PRI solution. It gives 30 or multiples of 30 voice channels on a single link. Its compatibility is with all available PBX solutions on the market. This service is offered to small and medium enterprises, banks, hospitals, call centers and institutes.

5. SIP Trunk:

Nayatel gives its corporate customers access to avail flexible number of channels as per their requirements and enjoys unlimited parallel calls with free maintenance and zero-cost management.

6. Hosted PBX:

Nayatel offers a full-featured voice-over IP business Phone system solution for small and medium enterprises. It is the best low-cost solution for entrepreneurs.

7. Voice Call Tarif:

Nayatel Phone services are delivered on the most advanced fiber-to-user network. Its fiber network removes all problems like cross-talk chatter or distortion and supplies high-premium quality on the copper fiber network.

8. Incoming/Outgoing Call Rewards in Pakistan:

Nayatel offers rewards on incoming and outgoing calls. The reward points will be credited against the monthly bill.

Nayatel Cloud:

⦁       It is a portable, movable and flexible cloud solution.

⦁       No international taxes are being used on local services. It adds or removes or changes routers/networks with ease via the interactive user interface.

⦁       Data being locally hosted provides customers with minimum suspension and better response.

⦁       It offers flexibility in the provisioning of virtual machines via a virtual network center.

⦁       enhanced security policies to minimize the chances of security issues.

⦁       It offers best-selling packages, RAM-intensive packages, and CPU-intensive packages ranging from free trials up to Rs. 35, 000/month.

The latest offerings of Nayatel in Pakistan are:

1. Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing has made professional collaboration simpler and more convenient for everyone from anywhere. Besides video conferencing solutions, at Nayatel premises and customer premises, it has made the professionals hassle-free in scheduling meetings and video conferences. It supplies customized video conference solutions to its much-vaunted customers.

Video conferencing is of two types:

i. Cloud Video Conferencing:

The features of cloud video conferencing are as follows:

⦁       multisport dialing up to 99 participants in a single meeting

⦁       multi-platform compatibility

⦁       guarded communication over AES256 encryption

⦁       In charge of participants and scheduling meetings being a moderator

⦁       desktop and file sharing

⦁       recording on client gadgets

⦁       smartboards over touchscreen appliances

⦁       a server deployed in a secure cloud for upgraded fulfillment

⦁       Justify company branding

ii. Video Conferencing on Premises:

The features of video conferencing at the premises are as follows:

⦁       individuality in self-sufficiency

⦁       Video conferencing system own point-to-point H.323

⦁       video resolution 30fps and 720p

⦁       sound system with woofer

⦁       coded for security DES&AES

2. NMonitor:

It gives email/SMS alerts in time for internet obstruction, down, or frequent disconnection and keeps its valued customers updated.

Instant mail/SMS alerts are when there are:

⦁       choking

⦁       low or down internet

⦁       repetitivedysconnectivity

⦁       devices off

⦁       unplugged modem

3. Live TV:

Nayatel makes it possible for their customers to watch their favorite TV channels on PC and mobiles with speedier, faster, and more reliable networking. This service is currently available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi only.

The features of Live TV are as follows:

⦁       Live TV channels of distinct categories such as: movies, dramas, plays, sports, news and music.

⦁       No further applications needed for playback

⦁       Compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets

⦁       Live Tv streaming is available without using telephony usage

⦁       More than 40 channels and still more coming

4. NWall:

Smart solution to the excessive usage of the internet and wasting time on surfing with the provision of NWall. This service needs a dedicated PC on the network with two ethernet cards.

The features of NWall are:

⦁       Who is browsing and where

⦁       Restrict any website (Facebook, YouTube, torrents etc.) and other content for each consumer

⦁       Bandwidth watches for torrents

⦁       Particularized reporting

For home connection, the charges start from Rs. 12,000 per year and corporate connection charges range from Rs.7,600 per month.

5. Nayatel TV in Pakistan:

It supplies on-demand live-streaming of TV channels on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G internet on mobile phones and entertained anywhere, anytime watching their favorite dram is entertained anywhere, anytime, watching their favorite dramas, talk shows, sports, plays, etc. One-month free trial of this facility is available in the major cities of Pakistan.

There are two categories of the internet in Pakistan:

i. Non-nayatel internet:

It can be used under any internet connection (Wi-Fi and 3G/4G). Nayatel connection is not mandatory.

The features of non-nayatel internet are:

⦁       This service uses the user’s data.

⦁       The quality of service is dependent on a stable internet connection.

⦁       This service can be availed by the web, all smartphone users, and all android TV models.

⦁       The client’s connection can be locked due to the non-payment of charges; however, no charges will be incurred for those closing days.

There are two categories of this internet service:

Naya TV Basic:

⦁       It can be watched on single screen HD

⦁       more than 60 channels are available

⦁       web-platform

⦁       compatible with mobile apps (iOS/Android)

⦁       The charges per month are Rs. 75 inclusive of tax.

Naya TV Standard:

⦁       It can simultaneously be watched on 4 screens HD available.

⦁       more than 60 channels are available

⦁       web-platform

⦁       compatible with mobile apps (iOS/Android)

⦁       used on the android tv app (one screen at a time).

⦁       The charges per month are Rs. 250 inclusive of tax.

ii. Nayatel internet in Pakistan:

Nayatel connection is not mandatory to avail of this service.

The features of nayatel internet are as follows:

⦁       Good quality streaming is expected to be enjoyed with a stable Wi-Fi connection

⦁       There is a separate policy for this service for Nayatel internet customers and there will be no consumption of internet bandwidth and data.

⦁       The charge policy is on a pro-rata basis and will be added to the monthly billing along with other services.

⦁       The service can be availed on the web, all smartphones, and android tv models.

Under Nayatel connection, the following are the categories that can be used by the customers:

Naya TV Live:

⦁       It can be watched simultaneously on 4 screens HD available.

⦁       more than 60 live channels are available

⦁       web-platform

⦁       compatible with mobile apps (iOS/Android)

⦁       The charges per month are Rs. 175 inclusive of tax.

Naya TV VOD:

⦁       It can be watched on 4 screens HD available at the same time.

⦁       more than 2, 000 movies, seasons and documentaries

⦁       web-platform

⦁       compatible for mobile apps (iOS/android)

⦁       The charges per month are Rs. 175 inclusive of tax.

Naya TV Plus:

⦁       It can be watched on 4 screens HD available at the same time.

⦁       60+ live channels are available

⦁       more than 2, 000 movies, seasons, and documentaries

⦁       web-platform

⦁       compatible with mobile apps (iOS/Android)

⦁       The charges per month are Rs. 350 inclusive of tax.

Naya TV Premium:

⦁       It can be watched on 4 screens HD available at the same time.

⦁       60+ live channels are available

⦁       more than 2, 000 movies, seasons and documentaries

⦁       web-platform

⦁       compatible with mobile apps (iOS/Android) and android tv apps (one screen at one time)

⦁       The charges per month are Rs. 500 inclusive of tax.

With innovative ideas, frequent improvements, and state art of networks, Nayatel has brought a revolution in the world of connectivity and has made the five major cities of Pakistan into internationally connected and digitalized cities of the world.

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