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New Visa Laws For Pakistani Umrah Pilgrims

New Visa Laws For Pakistani Umrah Pilgrims. The Saudi government has announced the new Visa laws for the Pakistani Umrah Pilgrims. The Umrah Pilgrims will now need to get biometric verification before applying for the visa.

In order to implement this law in Pakistan, Saudi authorities have united with Etimad.

The Biometric verification Pakistani pilgrims will add extra Rs. 1,040 million each year. However the Travel Agents Association (TAAP) has called to stop this process.

It is also an expensive procedure under which every pilgrim has to pay Rs. 650 for registration. According to official data, about 1,600,000 Pakistani travel to KSA for Umrah or Hajj.  The implementation of this law will not only double the miseries of the pilgrims but also put the personal and national data of the pilgrims at stake.

The Pakistani Umrah Pilgrims have the following charges;

  • Biometric verification fee of Rs 600 – 700 per pilgrim
  • Visa Fee PKR 60,000

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