New Year 2020 Gift: Govt To Increase Petrol Price Up To Rs.2.61 Per Liter

New Year 2020 is about to begin and the government of Pakistan has decided to increase the petrol price on the recommendation of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) . OGRA has sent the summery to Petrolum Division today on Monday in order to increase prices of petroleum products. 

May Increase Up To Rs. 3.10 in January 2020. It is reported that the petrol price in Pakistan. The media reports revealed that the petrol price in Pakistan may increase by up to Rs. 2.61 in January 2020.

According to the Industry sources the petroleum prices in Pakistan may increase by up to Rs.3.10 in January 2020. On the other hand the price of diesel may increase by Rs.  2.25 while the price of kerosene oil may increase by Rs.3.10 per liter.

However the federal government has yet to take the final decision regarding the increase in the petrol price and the prices of other petroleum products in Pakistan.

OGRA has already sent a summary to the government to increase the petrolume prices by Rs 3.10.

After the approval the change in prices of petroleum products after which the new prices will be applicable from new Year  2020.

The prices of petrolume products will be increased from January 1, 2020, after the approval of the Finance Ministry.

It is worth mentioning here that the government had decreased the price of petrol and other petroleum products last month, the price of light diesel by Rs. 2.90, high speed diesel by Rs. 2. 40, kerosene by 83 paise and petrol by 25 paise per liter.

On the other hand, oil prices in many countries of the world have been maintained for January 2020. The UAE also fixed petrol and diesel rates from January 1, 2020, under which the prices of petroleum products are will remain same and in Paksitan its a new year gift for the people to see the  increase of prices of petrolume products.

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