New Year Gift: Pak-Suzuki Increases Prices of All Cars Models

New Year Gift: Pak-Suzuki Increases Prices of All Cars Models

Pak-Suzuki increases prices for all it car models from Rs.40,000 PKR to Rs,32,2000 PKR respectively.

The New Year just begin and as a new year gift the government has reduced the petroleum prices but on the other hand the renowned auto maker in Pakistan has increased the prices of all its cars available in the country. Pak-Suzuki is one of the most cost effective auto manufacture company in Pakistan and has issues an official letter to its authorized dealers in this concerns.

You can read the notification below

Yes you read the right Pak-Suzuki has increased the prices of all its vehicles available in the country and the hike is done from PRK 40,000 to 32,2000. The revised new prices will be effective on the cars from 1st January 2019.

The company has cited that the increase in the prices of cars is just to the devaluation of rupee as the company earlier told that the reason is just that most of the vehicles parts are not being manufactured locally and the cars manufacturing companies are importing parts from foreign vendors, which due to the devaluation of the rupee have now become expensive.

Pak-Suzuki has already declared that the Suzuki Mehran will no more in 2019 and the company will launch the Suzuki Alto 600cc 2019 in the country.

Here are the details of the increased prices of the Suzuki cars in Pakistan:  

Suzuki Vehicle ModelsOld Price New Price
Mehran VXPKR 789,000
Mehran VXR
PKR  860,000
Wagon R VXR
PKR  1,184,000

PKR  1,224,000
Wagon R VXL
PKR  1,274,000

PKR  1,314,000
Cultus VXR
PKR  1,380,000

PKR  1,410,000
Cultus VXL
PKR  1,501,000

PKR  1,531,000
Cultus AGS
PKR  1,608,000

PKR  1,638,000
Swift DLX NV
PKR  1,515,000

PKR  1,555,000
Swift AT NV
PKR  1,651,000

PKR  1,691,000
PKR  854,000
Cargo Van
PKR  820,000
PKR  776,000
PKR  2,718,000

PKR  3,040,000
Ciaz MT
PKR  1,960,000

PKR  2,060,000
Ciaz AT 
PKR  2,100,000

PKR  2,200,000
Vitara GLX AT
PKR  3,890,000

PKR  3,990,000
PKR  2,393,000

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