Govt Increases Electricity Prices in Pakistan by Rs.5.72 /Unit


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Electricity prices in Pakistan for Consumers increased by up to Rs.2.75 Per Unit

Electricity prices in Pakistan for Consumers increased by up to Rs.5.72 Per Unit

Consumers May See a Rs.5.72 per unit rise in Electricity Tariffs. The government has announced an increase in the electricity prices for consumers in Pakistan. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) issued a notification and approved the rise in electricity tariff on the IMF demand effective from 1st July 2024. NEPRA will deduct new charges to power consumers from July onwards.

Over the past few months, electricity prices in Pakistan have increased due to fuel price adjustments. Now domestic electricity consumers will see a rise in tariff up to Rs.5.72 per unit in the electricity bills and the basic electricity tariff will rise fromRs. 29.78 to Rs. 35.50 per unit.

On Thursday, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) approved the electricity tariff hike. The hike in power tariff is due to the demand of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)  that will burden power consumers with additional charges. 


In May 2024, NEPRA announced increasing electricity prices by Rs2.83 per unit as part of the fuel price adjustment.

The domestic consumers will meet an Rs. 5.72 per unit upsurge in the power rates. NEPRA notified the increase in power tariff except for lifeline consumers and the power consumers of K-Electric (KE).

People anticipated some relief before the elections in 2024 in Pakistan, but instead, they hit once with the petroleum prices and a second electricity tariff hike that would disburse their ménages. 

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