Roshan Pakistan Mobile App Lets You Check Your Electricity Bill and Much More

Sumera Saeed

Roshan Pakistan Mobile App Lets You Check Your Electricity Bill and Much More

Roshan Pakistan Mobile App Lets You Check Your Electricity Bill and Much More. The government of Pakistan is trying its best to facilitate the nation with the latest technology in all fields and now the Roshan Pakistan Mobile App and Website are another initiative of the government to facilitate the people to get the information of electricity billing and supply situation of any public sector supply company.

The Roshan Pakistan mobile application and website let the users get easy and quick information about electricity bills and concurrent information about the energy sector.

Furthermore, the users of the Roshan Pakistan Mobile App can calculate bills online, keep their records,s and also helps to offer complete information about the electricity usage, supply, and load-shedding schedule.

The Roshan Pakistan application lets the users get information in both English and Urdu languages.

Users can download the Roshan Pakistan Mobile App on their Android devices by visiting Google Play Store while the iOS devices users will have to wait for downloading the Roshan Pakistan App for iPhone.

How to use Roshan Pakistan App?

After the installation of the Roshan Pakistan Mobile Application customers can have the complete billing information, lodge complaints, track the status of their complaints, repot the electricity theft and calculate their electricity bills.

Customers need to enter the 14 digit reference number of their electricity bills and they can get all the information and can also download the duplicate of electricity bills.

You can also check the complete load management details about electricity units by providing your electricity bill reference number.

With this application, you can file your complaints by tapping on the Complaints Registration icon. You can also file your electricity complaints, theft complaints and apply for the new electricity connection by visiting the Roshan Pakistan online portal.

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