No more Pakistanis can enter in the Kingdom of Bahrain

No more Pakistanis can enter in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain has banned to issue visas to Pakistanis on temporary basis

No more Pakistanis can enter in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain Bans Issuing Visas to Pakistanis. There is a sad news for the people who want to go to Bahrain in order to earn their livelihood as the country has banned the Pakistanis entry. The people who have applied for the Bahrain Visas are complaining on social media that the country has denied their entry.

As per the report of The News Bahrain authorities have put a temporary ban on Pakistanis entering the country.

A large number of Pakistanis have complained their concerns over the social media and said that the Bahrain has banned their entry into their country.

Senior Pakistani journalist Syed Talat Hussain on Tuesday has shared the report on his Twitter regarding the Bahrain visa ban for Pakistanis with ironic caption saying “Pakistanis get special treatment in Bahrain. Does anyone care?”

As per the report of anonymous official

“New visas for Pakistanis have been put on hold.”

However it not official confirmed either the Bahrain has banned issuing Visas to Pakistanis or not. On the other hand the local companies are also facing issues in getting work permits and visas for Pakistani workers from Labor Market Regulatory Authority.

As per the reports of Gulf Daily reports Pakistanis are facing problems in getting the Bahrain visas and those who are already in Bahrain are being sent to police stations for fingerprint authentication with their original passport and CPR.

Pakistani banker was quoted as saying,

“All Pakistanis are being summoned for this verification and I also learn that soon a no-objection-certificate will be issued after the verification. I was also informed that some companies have been contacted to provide details of select employees.”

There is no solid reason the authorities have mentioned regarding the temporary ban on Bahrain Visas. For more details stay in touch with

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