Now Driving License Will be Delivered At Home

Now Driving License Will be Delivered At Home

Now the people of Karachi and Hyderabad is to get the Driving License easily as the Driving License Department to start home delivery service.

The Driving License Department has completed the process and thereby after completing the printing the driving licenses will be delivered to people in Karachi and Hyderabad at their addresses.

When the applicant will submit documents for driving license he/she will have to provide current address and mobile number for home delivery, said DIG Driving License Mazhar Nawaz Shaikh. The new service will make it and convenient for people and they do not have to visit the branches for getting driving licenses.

In this regard a contract has been signed with a private courier service and the rates have been decided. The rates for driving license home delivery in Karachi will be of Rs. 38 whereas for Hyderabad the charges will be Rs. 55.

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