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Now Overseas Pakistanis Can Import Cars In Pakistan

Now Overseas Pakistanis Can Import Cars In Pakistan. There is good news for those who want to import cars in to Pakistan. The Pakistani government has declared that the overseas Pakistanis can now import cars in Pakistan. The government has allowed that they can only import three-year-old cars in Pakistan.

It will be beneficial for those who are trying to import cars in Pakistan under personal luggage, gift or transfer of habitation. Till now around 8000 cars have been released from the ports. The vehicle’s dealers in Pakistan and those Pakistanis working overseas were demanding the change in policy which constrained them to bring used cars in Pakistan.

The government had imposed the policy in October 2017 which canceled the earlier procedures of cars import in Pakistan. Now the cars dealers and overseas Pakistanis want that the government should change the policy, and thousands of cars that were imported before 9th January were held at the ports due to unclear policy.

But now after the government permission and change in policy the customs department of Pakistan would release those 8000 cars.

The government has discussed the matter with Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR), Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce and restored the prior policy over a strong response of business and foreign resident’s community.

The Ministry of Commerce and ECC guarantees that the policies that can assist the foreign nationals, car brokers and traders would also be beneficial from the reverted policy on used imported cars in Pakistan.

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