Now Pakistani Get Visa Free Entry in Malaysia

Now Pakistani Get Visa Free Entry in Malaysia

Visa free entry in Malaysia for Pakistanis.  

Now Pakistani Get Visa Free Entry in Malaysia. There is a good news for the people of Pakistan. Now they can get the Visa free entry in Malaysia. Pakistan and Malaysia have signed a contract in order to temporarily discontinue the visa for travel between the two countries.

Malaysia has inked this agreement with the government of Pakistan on the visit of the Prime Minister Imran Khan in the country. As per the agreement the people of both the countries can visit each country without visa, but the abolition of visa is for temporary basis.

The Malaysian foreign ministry has issued a statement in which the ministry revealed that the two Prime Ministers Mahathir Muhammad and Imran Khan witnessed the signing ceremony after talks in Kuala Lumpur.

Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal tweeted, which read as,

“FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Malaysian Home Minister Tan Sri Dato Haji Muhyiddin signed the MoU on Partial Abolition on Visa Requirement, in the presence of PM Imran Khan and Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad.”

As per the agreement the visa policy is partially eliminated for diplomatic and official passport holders. A joint statement revealed that the contract will strengthen the optimistic impetus in the mutual connection by increasing contact at the officials’ level between the two countries.

The two countries signed several MoUs to strengthen bilateral relations and enhance mutual cooperation.

Imran Khan and Mahathir Mohamad held a joint press conference in Putrajaya, promising to increase mutual ties and cooperation in numerous fields. Imran Khan said that both countries are facing the same challenges in terms of corruption and debts.

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