Now You Can Get Back Snatched or Stolen Mobile Phones

Now you can get back you lost, snatched and stolen mobile phones, thanks to the Citizen-Police Liasion Committee (CPCL). They have just launched the website for the snatched and stolen mobile phones in order to help the citizen of Pakistan.

Both the parties have collaboratively set up a websites; the will help you to verify the lost, snatched and stolen mobile phones via their IMEI numbers. This website by CPLC has a record of more than a million IMEI numbers all of which can be accessed through the website. They claimed that a number of People have got back their lost mobile phones through this website.

The other website is which assists citizens in recognizing the culprits.

To find information on the culprits the CPLC will need citizens to visit the above mentioned website.

The website Shanakht is the joint venture of CPLC and the National Database & Registration Authority, the CHIPA Welfare Association, and the EDHI Foundation.

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